• Letrozol (20 tabs)


General information:

Steroid Post Cycle Therapy
Active substance: Letrozole
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals
Unit: 20 pills (2.5mg/pill)


Common Name


Drug Description

Orange square-shaped pills with compact and homogeneous structure containing a dividing line and a "BP" print on one side. The pill has beveled edges and rounded margins on lateral surface. There is a possibility of marbling on the pills’ surface.

Letrozol Composition

1 pill contains: 
Active substance: Letrozole 2,5 mg 
Auxiliary substances: Magnesium Stearate, FD & C Yellow Dye no. 6, Ludipress (Lactose, Povidone, Crospovidone)

Bodybuilding Benefits

Non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor that works by inhibiting the synthesis of estrogen and countering side effects such as water-retention, gynocomastia, and acne. It also increase the amount of lutenizing hormone and follicle stimulating hormone.

Therapeutic Indication

Is used in the treatment of hormonally-responsive breast cancer after surgery. The drug has positive effects in the process of ovarian stimulation and has been shown to be useful in pretreatment for termination of pregnancy.Reduces the level of estrogen in the human body by 95-98%.

Dosage (Men)

2.5 – 5 mg per day

Dosage (Women)

2.5 - 3 mg per day

Active Life

2-4 days

Letrozol (20 tabs)

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