• Aquatest 100 Mg (Unit: 5 amps x 1 mL)

Aquatest 100 mg

General information:

Injectable Anabolic Steroid
Active substance: Testosterone Suspension
Manufacturer: Balkan Pharmaceuticals

Unit: 5 amps x 1 mL (100 mg/mL)



Common Names

Aquaviron, Testosus, Anabolic-TS, Univet Uni-Test.

Drug Description

Transparent oily solution with characteristic odor.In general state Testosterone will separate from the solution, because it's not water soluble, but after a shake Testosterone is put into suspension.

Aquatest Composition

1 ml of solution contains: 
Active substance: Testosterome Suspension 
Auxiliary substance: Water

Bodybuilding Benefits

Has a strong anabolic and androgenic action and increases nitrogen retention in the muscle increased levels of the growth in the muscle tissue.The drug convert to estrogen very quickly and is usually accompanied by severe bloat and water retention.

Therapeutic Indication

In men - androgenic deficit after castrating, treats impotence at hormonal origin, symptoms of male climax, in early-stage prostate hypertrophy, in case of osteoporosis caused by androgenic insufficiency; In women - vascular and nerve disorders, also used in treatment of ovarian and breast cancer.

Dosage (Men)

50-100 mg per day

Dosage (Women)

10-20 mg per day

Active Life

Less than 24 hours

Aquatest 100 Mg (Unit: 5 amps x 1 mL)

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