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 Netra is a new natural product , that supports a better erection and that means better sex. Netra is for more intensive sexual enjoyment for man and implication also for woman Netra is strong and effective Netra is a food supplement and there is no need for prescription Netra is a one-time pill. Unlike to many other preparations you need to use only one pill approximately one hour before. Netra consists only out of natural ingredients. Its positive impact on the masculinity are known for centuries.

           Netra is a natural product helping to improve the erection and strengthen man´s libido. The contained botanical extract EPIMEDIUM have positive influence on the bloodstream, but could also improve the memory and concentration. L-arginin have positive influence on sexual activity, sexual appetite and the erection. It also supports the regular bloodstream. Netra is the best food supplement in case of erection disorder Netra and your sexual life will be reborn! You don´t have to avoid sex and will be no longer under pressure of low performance. Become a devil in the bed!!

           Epidemium sagitatum is an herb found in South China, Asia and the Mediterranean. Some varieties and hybrids Epimedia are popular for centuries as an ornamental garden plant in Japan. Many species of Epimedium have aphrodisiac effect associated with active content Icariin.Traditional folk and herbal medicine Epimedium is used primarily as a powerful aphrodisiac for male impotence in male and female infertility (has a direct beneficial effect on the formation of sperm), In early ejaculation of semen, osteoporosis or insufficient blood supply to the brain. Increases the sensitivity of nerve endings in the skin, including sexual organs, acts beneficially as a nerve tonic and improves the immune system. The main active ingredient causing increased blood flow to the penis and stimulating the production of sex hormones is Ikarin.

           Ancient Chinese legend speaks and Epimedium sagittatum – as YIN YANG HUO (herb goat). The name comes from goats shepherds who noticed that goats after salvation Epimedia become extremely sexually active. Mechanism of action is the same as in sidenafilu (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis), but in a milder, less aggressive form. Resemblance between sidenafil and ikarin is so obvious that the U.S. Patent Office (USPTO) rejected Pfizer’s patent office sidenafil and for this reason, that in nature there is a similar substance with the same mechanism of action. Octacosanol is contained in the oil of wheat germ, which is one of the best sources of vitamin E. It is a valueable part of a balanced diet.

            It may also be found in whole grain cereals, nuts, sugar cane and Coffein Named after the plants Coffea arabica, is an alkaloid, which positively stimulates the central nervous system and heart. It belongs to the group of purine, methyl xanthine derivative that includes theobromine (chocolate) and theophylline (a bronchodilator substance relaxing bronchial muscles). In humans caffeine acts as a stimulant of the central nervous system (CNS), temporarily suppresses fatigue and waking alertness. Effects of caffeine in the human bodyCaffeine is well absorbed in the stomach and small intestine, blood sugar is highest for 45 to 60 minutes after ingestion. In the bloodstream has distinct effects.

           It is known for its stimulating effect on brain activity, but it also has many other effects. Increases blood pressure and the production of stomach acid, accelerating pulse, improves utilization of fat reserves and fatty acids released into the bloodstream. These effects can last from a few hours up to twelve hours, but after four days of regular use, the body becomes resistant. Thus, even though at first caffeine increase blood pressure and heart beat faster, when the regular application no changes will be apparent. L-arginin Arginine is one of the semi-essential amino acids (ie, amino acids that the organism under certain conditions alone can not produce in sufficient quantities – this situation typically occurs during periods of growth, increased physical exertion, illness, etc.). It enhances sexual experience: The amino acid arginine is completely unique and irreplaceable body substance responsible for the transfer of nitrogen oxide and direct secretion of growth hormone (GH stands – from English. Growth Hormone).Nitric oxide (NO) in the human body was created primarily from arginine – sufficient nitric oxide is essential for maintaining patency of blood vessels (vasodilating effects, vasodilatation), support erection and fertility of men.

           Higher Nitric Oxide causing blood flow to muscles perfect (including sexual), improving erectile ability and sexual experience, improves supply to the heart and brain of oxygen, increases blood flow in the muscles.Conducted studies have shown a positive effect of administration of l-arginine in men have increased sperm production, improve erectile ability and sexual libido. For women in this regard is the use of arginine, an increased sexual arousal. Download Here

NETRA (1xtab)

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