Celestone Chronodose (Schering-Plough) 


1 box contains 1 vial of 3+3 mg/ml betamethasone acetate & Betamethasone (as disodium phosphate).Celestone Chronodose is a sterile aqueous suspension of betamethasone. Sodium phosphate and betamethasone acetate.Each ml contains: Betamethasone Acetate 3mg Betamethasone (as disodium phosphate) 3mg .Preservative: Benzalkonium chloride 0.2mg.Naturally occurring glucocorticoids ( hydrocortisone), which also have salt-retaining properties, are used as replacement therapy in adrenocortical deficiency states. Their synthetic analogs are primarily used for their potent anti-inflammatory effects indisorders of many organ systems. Betamethasone sodium phosphate, a soluble ester, provides prompt activity, while betamethasone acetate is only slightly soluble and affords sustained activity. Glucocorticoids cause profound and varied metabolic effects. In addition, they modify the body's immune responses to diverse stimuli.


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